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Menstrual health: a definition for policy, practice, and research

The term “menstrual health” has seen increased use across advocacy, programming, policy, and research, but has lacked a consistent, self-contained definition. As a rapidly growing field of research and practice a comprehensive definition is needed.

Published 2021-04-29
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MPQ development

The Menstrual Practices Questionnaire (MPQ) is a new tool to support comprehensive and standardised assessment of the activities undertaken in order to collect, contain, and remove menstrual blood from the body in self-report surveys.

Published 15 October 2020
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MPNS-36 development

This study describes the development and validation of the Menstrual Practice Needs Scale (MPNS-36), which measures the extent to which respondents’ menstrual practices and environments meet their needs

Published 2020

MPNS-SF and MPNS-R Development in Khulna, Bangladesh

Short form (MPNS-SF) and rapid form (MPNS-R) measures were developed in a survey of 313 menstruating girls (mean age=13.51) in Khulna, Bangladesh.

Published Pre-print
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Menstruation in high income countries: A qualitative systematic review

New policies in high income countries (HICs) have responded to anecdotal evidence that many struggle to meet their menstrual health needs. Qualitative research has explored lived experiences of menstruating in HICs and can contribute to designing intervention approaches.

Published 21 July 2021

Monitoring Menstrual Health Knowledge

As initiatives to support menstrual health are implemented globally, monitoring progress through a set of comprehensive indicators provides important feedback to direct policies and programs. One proposed core indicator is awareness of menstruation at menarche.

Published 24 March 2022
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Reusable period products

Reusable menstrual products have expanded the choices available for menstrual care and can offer long-term cost and environmental benefits. Yet, in high-income settings, efforts to support period product access focus on disposable products. There is limited research to understand young people’s product use and preferences in Australia.

Published 11 March 2023
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AMEHC Protocol, Khulna, Bangladesh

Protocol for the Adolescent Menstrual Experiences and Health Cohort (AMEHC) Study in Khulna, Bangladesh: A Prospective cohort to quantify the influence of menstrual health on adolescent girls’ health and education outcomes

Published 10 April 2024
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Systematic review of menstrual health interventions in EAP

Synthesising the evidence for the effectiveness of MH interventions in the East Asia Pacific region is timely, due to increased policy attention and development of programmes.9 Our systematic review serves as a companion to a regional review of progress in policy and practice, allowing us to contextualise research progress alongside current policy and service delivery efforts.

Published 19/10/2023