High quality measurement improves needs assessments, monitoring, evaluations and research.

Using consistent measures across research and practice supports comparability and helps us build the evidence base faster.

Download our validated measurement tools and learn more about the measures we are using in our menstrual health research.

The Menstrual Practice Needs Scale‚Ä®(MPNS)

"Were your menstrual materials comfortable?"
"Did you have enough?"
"Could you change them when you wanted to?"

The MPNS captures participants' experiences of managing their menstrual period and assesses the extent to which their menstrual practice needs are being met.

The Menstrual Practices Questionnaire (MPQ)

"What materials did you use during your last period?
"Where did you change them?"
"Where did you dispose of them?"

The MPQ measures respondents' menstrual hygiene practices. It captures all the activities that might be undertaken to collect, contain and remove menstrual blood from the body.

Getting menstrual health evidence on the map

If you are using the MPNS measure in your menstrual health work, share it with us, and we will add your project to the map. 


Learn more about using measures in menstrual health research

We share below the complete surveys we have used in our research. They demonstrate how questions have been developed for specific studies and how validated tools such as the MPNS and the MPQ can be integrated into broader surveys.  

These may be helpful for guidance and understanding how to incorporate these measures into your work. 


Measures in AMEHC

Coming soon!

Understand more about the measures used in the AMEHC study, including survey questions capturing a range of aspects of menstrual health.

Women and Workplaces

Coming soon!

Click here to see publications, and a copy of the full survey used in the 'Women and Workplaces' study of menstrual and sanitation experiences among women working in Mukono, Uganda, undertaken in 2020.

Measures in AU

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